Dua Plus is one of the first of its kind: a collective that is also an ever-shifting culture, built for creators and a diverse audience. Incorporating the voices of its collaborators and crediting them, The brand aims to gives its audience expression and ownership of its items through a unique approach tech and design. Rebuild, recuperate and reform. Established in 2017, DUA+ is one of a kind. Founded by British/Ghanaian, Darren AgyeiDua, the brand offers more than just ‘stylish streetwear’. Currently working in-conjunction with the West African organisation and registered charity, Action Through Enterprise, DUA+ ensures 100% of proceeds of the original 2020 ⚡️🔺 T-shirt series are donated to the charity. ATE delivers key initiatives in education, enterprise and social change; actively improving the lives of civilians in Lawra Municipal, Upper West Region of Ghana.
I was asked to create the tone of voice, positioning and copy for this new ethical and sustainable lifestyle and fashion movement. The rebranding involved ecom, social, emails and website. DUA+ are also affiliated with the Ghanian charity ATE so it was important to highlight this partnership.
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