Hairdressers had faced the brunt of covid’s restrictions, with the entire industry put on hold for nearly a year. Many took matters (and scissors) into their own hands, chopping, shaving and dying their hair in hopes to replicate a salon visit. Whilst home hair kits and dyes skyrocketed, it was clear there was no comparison to a professional colour and cut. 
Several hairdressers will be tasked with fixing our bodged d.i.y do’s, whilst many will be impressed with our nourished and healthier heads of hair. Noticing the importance of our mental wellbeing, many opted to prioritise our health and self care during lockdown. Has hair care become the new beauty care? 34% of women plan to spend more on their hair products post covid. 
As the industry prepares for salon reopenings, we must question the consumer habits post covid, will this change or will we just pick up where we left off? A trip to the salon was once evoked a relaxed and indulgent atmosphere, but now with a focus on PPE and strict covid measures, will this take away the enjoyment?
Analysing hair trends post covid with a focus on colour, cut and style.

# 50 Shades of Red
Back by popular demand after taking over our screens in The Queen’s Gambit and Bridgerton. Red is set to be the 2021 colour of choice. Whether you opt for a lighter auburn, vibrant copper or deep red; the colour does require maintenance to ensure its rich intensity.
# Embracing the Grey
Whilst salons were shut the grey began to show. Many will decide to embrace the grey and avoid the maintenance and upkeep of bleaching roots and hiding visible greys. Following in suit of several stylish silver heads, predictions suggest grey will not be something to shy away from.
# Face Framing 
Colour blocking comeback with the Alice Band Technique. Opting for a brighter blonde or bold colour, the face framing money piece can add a creative flair without the high maintenance. 
# Purposeful Roots
Darker, purposeful roots offer a more manageable and easy to maintain look. Perfect for in between salon visits or a hairdressing hiatus thanks to covid. For those that couldn't bear a grown-out root, a purposeful darker root that blends into subtle highlights or a soft balayage provides a lot less upkeep.
# Blunt Cuts
As we are currently in a cycle of going in and out of lockdown, more people are looking for an easy-to-maintain style. Dominating hairstyles, a choppy blunt cut gets rid of all those dead ends whilst appearing effortlessly relaxed yet stylish.
# Long Bangs
Shorter bangs require a frequent trim whilst long bangs are perfect for low maintenance style. Adding volume and movement to your hair, the flattering side sweeping bangs frame the face and highlight your features.
# Modern Mullet
Super shaggy, the modern mullet is all about texture. Gone is over stylised hair, making way for a super stylish and edgy cut. Low maintenance and easy-to-style, the mullet is back with vengeance.
# Pixie Cut
A fresh start. After months and months without the chop, a pixie cut is a classic. If you can’t brave the super short, a more tapered pixie cut offers effortless style without the need for a frequent salon visit. 
# Accessories Galore
A statement headband, silky scarf or collection of clips; hair accessories are on the rise. Perfect for switching up your style without picking up the scissors.  A nod to nostalgia or experimenting with a new look, hair accessories offer endless styling opportunities without the hassle. 
# Air Dried Hair
Lockdown provided a time to focus on what's important. Looking for a pick-me-up or indulging in some self care, hair care has become part of a routine. Nourishing in masks, oils and treatments, many are opting to put down the heat and let their locks dry naturally. Air dried hair is enhancing our mane for a super soft and full of volume finish.
# Protective Styles
Braids continue to stand the test of time. Whilst resisting the temptation to over-style and over-heat our hair, protective styles are perfect for a stylish low maintenance look. From cornrows to box braids, these styles can offer protection and allow our hair to grow and flourish.
# 60s Style
The swinging sixties is back but with less crispy hairspray. Defined by its brushed out volume radiating effortless glamour; the 60s inspired style is back with a subtle bouffant or super sleek high pony. Often finished with a delicate wave or fashionable flick. 
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