Based in London, Ankita Singh is a fashion and lifestyle blogger, under the name of Tad Bit Fad.
After completing a Masters in Fashion Retail Management at the renowned London College of Fashion, Ankita developed her blog and Instagram in a bid to keep up with the ever-changing fashion world.
Ankita’s blog is a mode of self-expression, describing it as a way of portraying “my own style on a visual medium”. Ankita discusses the meaning behind her name for the blog ‘Tad Bit Fad’, which she says resonates with her personal style and fashion. The fashion lover states that her style isn’t centred around current fashion trends and fads; but “an emulation of my moods” to which she selects colours and prints, combined with classic trends and styles. Ankita’s career goal of creating a niche fashion narrative through her blog is currently in the making, so keep your eyes peeled.
Spotlight is a fan of Ankita’s contrasting bold colours, fusion of cultures and exuding confidence. When asked for her advice to budding bloggers and fashion lovers, Ankita suggests that confidence is key, “I immensely enjoy blogging and believe if your are certain, confident and have a great idea, you can start late and still conquer.”
To see more street style and images, follow Ankita Singh on Instagram @tadbitfad

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