What is a maxi skirt?
A maxi skirt is a long piece of clothing that falls from the waistline to the mid-calf or ankle. They can be loose, flowy or tight-fitting and come in many colours, prints, and materials. You can wear your favourite slitted maxi skirt on a date night with knee-high boots and a leather jacket or pair a pleated skirt with trainers and a logo T-shirt for a comfy daytime look.

History of the maxi skirt
Fashion is a faithful mirror of societal change– and the skirt has one of the most telling reflections of all. Initially worn by men, skirts first appeared in ancient times, evolving over the years with various cuts, silhouettes, materials, prints and lengths.
From the Middle Ages to the 19th century, skirt hemlines ran from the bust to the ankles with fluctuating silhouettes. The introduction of the rainy daisy skirt in the 1890s – with an unprecedented length of 6 inches off the ground – allowed for more freedom of movement and influenced the shorter hemlines in later decades.
The 20th century brought the hardships of war, and women were forced to wear shorter and more work-friendly clothing. The hemlines began to rise just below the knee, but after the Great Depression, hemlines again dropped to mid-calf or ankle. In the 1920s, Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel designed a shorter, wider skirt for women that freed the legs and hit just below the knee. But longer lengths didn’t disappear entirely. The hippie movement of the 60s and 70s would come to the rescue of the maxi skirt, with original and colourful designs featuring floral prints and fringes.

Though skirts have had their highs and lows – quite literally – across the centuries, recent years haven’t seen many great sartorial revolutions. Today skirts of all lengths and silhouettes, be it mini, midi, or maxi, co-exist in the fashion scene with equal popularity – hemline & skirt length, and style is, in fact, a matter of personal choice.

What to wear with long skirts?
A long skirt (or maxi skirt) is a sophisticated and versatile piece of clothing in your closet. Perfect for trans-seasonal style, the wardrobe staple is suitable for wear year-round. But should you wear with long skirts?

Different skirt lengths
There are three main categories of skirt lengths: mini, midi, and maxi.
Maxi skirts, also known as long skirts, fall between the mid-calf and ankle. You can wear long maxi skirts for all occasions, whether social or professional.
Midi skirts fall between mini and maxi skirt lengths, with a hemline that ends at or near your knee. Versatile garments you can dress up or down, midi skirts are popular for professional and social settings. For example, you can wear pencil skirts to work with a button-down shirt or opt for a graphic tee for a casual off-duty look.
Mini skirts saw a cultural movement in the 60s. The hemline falls above the knee, typically around the mid-thigh.

How to style a long skirt?
If you’re not into the micro mini, this one's for you. As easy to pull on as your favourite pair of jeans, printed maxi skirts can quickly amp up basics like a chunky sweater and trainers.
Some may be drawn to more modest maxis, but if you're hoping to spice things up, choose a version that includes a slit and show off a single leg.
A blazer, puff-sleeved top, or the addition of sequined pieces can transform even a basic black version into a formal look.
Shoes make all the difference. Pointed-toe heels give off a 50s vibe, chunky biker boots feel grunge, and trainers are a perfect laid-back, everyday choice. Long skirts can be worn a million different ways, so it's worth experimenting with a shoe that fits your mood and makes a maxi work for your style.

AW22 Long Skirt Trends
The return of the noughties fashion movement and its subsequent miniskirt frenzy create the perfect contrast with fall’s equally ubiquitous maxi-length skirts. Pleats to pencil, satin to knits, denim to florals—there are so many possible combinations of colour, length and style.
In fact, when things are chilly, long skirts can act as additional coverage for your legs. Platform boots and a layered shirt will make this look complete — and extra warm.
Denim options are on the rise. Denim maxis skirts make their return every few years, and if you enjoy channelling the 70s or are feeling the 90s aesthetic, you might want to add one to your collection.
If you are looking for something just as carefree and comfy as your favourite sweatsuit but slightly more elevated, then opt for a matching set.
If you want the drama, don't forget about tulle. Style your voluminous maxi skirt with crew socks and loafers for a 2022 twist.
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