Dominique de Merteuil, is a lover of vintage and founder of the vintage inspired blog, It’s Beyond My Control. Dominique’s fashion and sense of style is inspired by vintage couture and old Hollywood films. Her vintage fashion blog with a modern twist is inspired by the 1930s, 40s and 50s.
Dominique often posts glamorous photos of herself wearing vintage couture and second hand garments, all taken by her husband, beauty and fashion photographer, Gregory Michael King. Dominique’s love for vintage fashion and art, was initiated by her mum, whom she describes as “a real style icon” and recalls many trips to the ballet and opera, in addition to watching countless films from the 1930s to 1950s. 
Spotlight loves Dominique’s unique sense of style, with glamorous photoshoots expressing and embracing her love for vintage fashion. When discussing her iconic vintage image, Dominique stresses that this is in no way a costume for a photoshoot, but her own personal style and lifestyle that she maintains every day. “I’ve been asked few times about how many people are involved in creating my look for the shoots. Well, what you see in the pictures is my personal style, I also do  my own hair and makeup which means that if I can do it (especially the vintage hair-styles) you can do it to!” she said.
Vintage lovers often struggle to find authentic fashion garments and accessories that fit and are beautifully restored, without breaking the bank. Dominique offers her advice on where to shop for the best vintage outfits. “I don’t mean to sound platitudinous but shopping for vintage clothes is not an easy affair and finding that perfect 1950s Lilli Ann suit or Dorothy O’Hara dress in the right size, colour and in ‘mint’ condition can be rather challenging” Dominique says, describing her main source of vintage treasure hunting, as vintage fairs and markets. 
Dominique expresses her love for the online e-commerce website,  Etsy, stating that many of her clothes are brought online, “Thankfully, I can always count on Etsy!” The vintage lovers catalogue, sells beautifully handmade or vintage items and supplies, in addition to unique  factory-manufactured items. 
For vintage fashion lovers, or just antique enthusiasts, vintage fairs are a source of authentic and affordable vintage items. Dominique shares her favourite vintage markets to visit, “I’m very fond of the vintage markets in Paris but for readers based in London I can recommend; the vintage fashion fair that takes place a few times a year in Hammersmith Town Hall, Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair and the Frock Me fair. You will also find real treasures at Portobello Market on Fashion Fridays.”
Spotlight also visited several vintage markets, detailing the top five to visit for vintage fashion devotees, see page 31.
Spotlight focuses on the blend of modern and vintage, with ‘vintage’ often coming in and out of fashion. Dominique details how she often creates her looks by mixing modern with authentic vintage, “80% maybe even 90% of my wardrobe consists of true vintage clothes and accessories, mainly from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s however, I’m not a vintage purist and I not only like to mix together clothes from different eras but I also mix them with garments from contemporary designers.”
Trouser suits, pencil skirts, polka dots, check prints and vintage florals in pastel shades are said to be the top trends for spring/summer 18. It is without doubt that modern designers often take inspiration from vintage fashion decades and fabrics, with the trouser suit and pencil skirt being a prominent trend in fashion between the 1940s to 1950s. With mainstream fashion spring trends set to feature vintage florals, pastel shades and traditional check prints, it is the perfect opportunity to pair your authentic vintage items with new contemporary garments to create the perfect vintage looks.
Dominique de Merteuil credits her love of vintage fashion to the way in which vintage garments were made to make women look and feel beautiful, something she states contemporary designers have forgotten. Spotlight commends Dominique’s ability to create high fashion looks with authentic vintage garments, but also her blend of modern and vintage fashion. Dominique describes her blog as a means to “keep vintage fashion alive and bring back a little bit of glamour to a life”, and for vintage fashion lovers it’s definitely worth a read.
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