British historian and author, Amber Butchart, specialises on the historical intersections between dress, politics and culture. Butchart currently has four books published, focusing on fashion illustration, fashion in film and the world of style. In addition to writing, Butchart is a researcher and lecturer at London College of Fashion, whilst finding time to present the BBC Four documentary, A Stitch in Time. 
The Fashion Chronicles is an ode to style stories throughout history; a true exploration of fascinating stories told through history’s fashion pioneers. Butchart devours the world of fashion, starting with Eve’s fig leaf, Joan of Arc, Louis XIV through to modern figures such as Amelia.
With some still influencing the fashion and trends of today, others have used fashion to change the world. Unveiling the secrets and stories behind some of history’s most iconic style icons, The Fashion Chronicles is certainly a must read for any fashion lover.
Pick up your copy on October 2nd 2018, £20.
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