The Yellow Pages of the Elite, Listique, has you covered for the most luxurious and must-have Mother's Day gifts.
With the world currently in turmoil, show your Mother how much she means to you. As a special day approaches; Mother’s Day, Sunday 22nd March. A day the world honours Mothers, Grandmothers and all maternal figures, celebrating their unconditional love. Ensure you are ready to wine and dine or relax and pamper; leaving your Mother smiling from ear to ear. And whilst no gift given with good intentions can be bad, many Mother’s Day gifts end up being cliché and well dare we say it, slightly boring. From classic bouquets to rich chocolates, your Mother deserves more than just a repeat of last year's gift. 
Whether it’s some quality time with the apple of her eye or a luxurious gift fit for a Queen; Listique offers a gifting guide to put a smile on her face this Mother’s Day.

Swahili Drinks Cabinet by

Raro’s Exquisite Furniture
Treat your Mother to a Raro treasure. 
The house of Raro was founded by sisters Rajeeta and Rollu Gupta in 1997, their distinctive style and quest for exemplary craftsmanship, precious materials and exquisite detailing has established them as an elite Atelier. This internationally renowned Atelier creates luxurious, sculptural furniture, sourcing the finest, rare materials such as antique jewellery-grade coral, African Ebony and Afghanistan Jade. With the brand translating to ‘rare’ in Italian, the Raro namesake signifies the rarity of the pieces themselves and the materials of which they are made. Denoting a great sense of Italian design and craftsmanship, the collection draws on exoticism and drama of the East to a Western palette; resulting in high-end, contemporary design. Invest in a Raro masterpiece and your Mother shall treasure the gift for many a Mother’s Day to come. Viewings by appointment at the exclusive St. James Showroom.​​​​​​​

Hand Picked Wines by

Bespoke Wine Collection
Wine and dine your Mother this special Sunday with a gift from the Bespoke Wine Collection. 
Founded by award-winning Sommelier, Kseenia Karpenko, and offering an all-encompassing experience. The company’s bespoke wine collection provides a unique and thoughtful way to celebrate an important day. Share a deep-rooted love for wine and a passion for the perfect sip. The Bespoke Wine Collection offer numerous services from wine tours, to wine gifts and bespoke collections to wine consultancy. Hand-picked wines are presented alongside a book containing precious memories and tasting notes; a little gift to treasure the experience. Treat her to something personal and meaningful; designed to make her day just that little more extra special whilst becoming an elite wine connoisseur.

Mara Jewellery Box with Travel Tray by

Smythson’s Sumptuous Leather Gifts
Steeped in rich history, a gift fit for a Queen.
This beloved British luxury leather brand, with an impeccable reputation, was established in 1887; their rich heritage has secured an exclusive list of customers including; Queen Victoria, Vivien Leigh, Grace Kelly and Katherine Hepburn. With Smythson, you are simply spoiled for choice. Discover their selection of supple leather gifts for a treasured, timeless treat. From one of Smythson’s most iconic collections, the Mara Jewellery Box, provides a safe space for her most precious jewels. Sleek, sophisticated and endlessly functional, the jewellery box is the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Crafted from the brand's classic calf leather and embossed with a stylish crocodile print, the jewellery box is complete with a removable travel box; ideal for transporting her treasures from one destination to the next. Include a personalised, hand-engraved card for that extra thoughtful touch.

MZ Light-Therapy Golden Facial Treatment by

MZ Light-Therapy Golden Facial Treatment
Spa glow with stay at home comfort.
If you can’t take your loved one for a relaxing day at the spa this Mother’s Day, the Light-Therapy Golden Facial Treatment Device by the renowned Dr Maryam Zamani is the next best thing. The LED device offers 5 different light therapies - red, bue, green, yellow & white - each performing a targeted treatment to transform the skin. The healing combination of the LED mask calms and rejuvenates the complexion whilst visibly diminishing hyper-pigmentation for a fresh-from-the-spa-glow, without the need to leave the comfort of her own home. Restore her radiance this Mother’s Day. 

Jo by

Jo Loves
A gift you simply can’t go wrong with. 
After selling the iconic brand Jo Malone to the Esteé Lauder Company, the pioneer of sumptuous scents launched another project - Jo Loves. Described as an ‘English scent maverick’, Jo Malone CBE, curated a new innovative scent, bath, body and candle collection inspired by the memories and moments in life that she loves. Jo Loves’ timeless bottles are sleek and sophisticated, a dressing table staple, with the artisan fragrances undoubtedly a classic Mother’s Day gift. Boasting a vault of fragrance, Jo Loves offers an array of sensational scents designed to make any woman feel special. If you’re looking for a timeless classic, Jo Malone’s scents are an undeniable desire and we’re calling ‘Jo by Jo Loves’ the perfect pick this Mother’s Day. This fragrance marries the two things Jo associates with the celebration of precious moments - red, the colour of love, and her most treasured ingredient, grapefruit. Whether it’s an exquisitely scented perfume or luxurious fragrant candle, purchases are presented in a red ribbon wrapped white box, making the unveiling of a Jo Loves product extra special. 
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