I'm a freelance journalist and copywriter living in Margate.
You need a freelance copywriter who can do more than write well. I can help you: clarify your messages, convince your customers and reach new audiences and create content for your website, blog, social media and email newsletters from conception to execution.
If you need a writer for any kind of project – or if you need help defining your tone of voice, brand messages, content strategy or keywords – I can help.

My career in a paragraph? Challenge accepted!
I've been a freelance copywriter for over 4 years, with clients ranging from international brands to small businesses looking to become big businesses.
After studying for a fashion journalism degree at the London College of Fashion, I merged my journalistic skills and creative abilities as a storyteller to create my own copywriting business. 
Since then, I've been helping marketing communication and digital agencies by providing their clients compelling and exciting copy. Some of these clients include Fenwick, MaxMara, Breville and LoveTheSales.
Whether you're looking to develop your style or already have a unique tone of voice, I immerse myself in every subject you throw at me, and I'll research the life out of it.
Experience is everything, and I have a whole load of that.
Want to work with me? Email gabrielleniamhsmith@gmail.com
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