Gabrielle Smith is a freelance journalist, creative copywriter and editor.
A member of the National Union of Journalism, London Freelance Branch and graduated from London College of Fashion with a degree in Fashion Journalism. Notably a fashion fanatic, she has written widely about fashion and culture. With over 5 years of writing experience, Gabrielle has written numerous analyses of catwalks and fashion features for publications such as Overdue Magazine and _shift, as well as articles and interviews for Harper’s Bazaar UK, French Fries Magazine and Fashion Crossover London to name a few. 
When undertaking her studies at LCF, Gabrielle also worked at several publications to gain further experience of the journalistic industry. Interning at British Vogue, Sunday Times Style and Dazed & Confused; provided the experience to expand her writing style with the ability to tailor content  for different audiences.
In addition to journalistic and academic writing, Gabrielle is also currently working as a freelance creative copywriter for the fashion brand, MaxMARA. Focusing on a different style of writing, Gabrielle produces creative copy as well as product naming and brand encapsulation, enhancing the brand’s identity and tone of voice.
A keen creative with an abundance of experience; Gabrielle also has a sound understanding of the PR & Marketing industry, previously working as a PR Manager and Social Media Coordinator. With an extensive list of contacts, Gabrielle is prolific in PR, social media, gif-databases and producing all-round creative content.

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