In conversation with Minnesotan singer-songwriter, Anna.
A crazy year for the breakout star. The Minnesotan newcomer debuted her unmistakable choir of vocals in March this year, stacking up half a million streams globally with her single ‘hello i am’. Receiving a warm reception from fans and press alike, somegirlnamedanna was also selected by MTV as part of renowned MTV Push: FIRST series, which has previously featured the likes of Billie Eilish, Doja Cat & Brockhampton.
somegirlnamedanna is certainly not just ‘some girl’ at all. The talented singer-songwriter has recently shared more of her story with the world, through her latest hit ‘california.’ Often referencing her SGNA title, Anna embraces one’s natural ups and downs, sharing her own trials and tribulations of life. Her honest and silky smooth vocals have already won over a legion of fans, with a lot more to come.
“Music has been part of my life for as early as I can remember. As for the timing of the debut, it was based on a feeling that I was finally ready to share my story with the world. I felt like I had something to say and I was ready to say it.”
A budding musician from birth, literally - Anna’s Mom exposed her music when she was still in the womb - Anna reflects on her lifelong relationship with music. Noting powerful female artists; Tracy Chapman, Tori Amos & Joni Mitchell as inspirations for her music, Anna recalls the moment she knew she would be a songwriter. After listening to Tracy’s infamous ballad ‘Fast Car’, Anna was left feeling both inspired and intrigued. Being able to tell a story of hope and despair, the lyrics really resonated with her. And from then on the rest was history. Anna began to write and experiment with music every day.
Growing up in the remote area of Webster, Minnesota,  (a population of 2000, also known as the town of ‘cows, colleges and contentment’) Anna’s upbringing heavily influenced her music. Spending much of her childhood in a rural setting, Anna honed her craft without the needs of tv and social media, instead really embracing and understanding music. Listening to classics on the radio and learning music by ear on the grand piano, it was the simple things that really fuelled Anna’s love and passion for music. Anna then shortly developed a knack for poetry, which naturally evolved into songwriting.
Listening to somegirlnamedanna’s music, you begin to understand Anna - it becomes an introduction to her life. Bearing a resemblance to diary entries, with every song you learn a little bit more. Her soulful delivery cuts through a hypnotic choir of harmonising vocals, creating an authentic panoply of introductions. Encapsulated in Anna’s track, ‘kitchen table’, the lyrics bring us back to those important moments. Her latest hit ignites a nostalgic flame in us, sharing a glimpse into the warmth of a family dinner, exploring those cherished childhood memories in a sugary-sweet track.
“In my personal experience over the last few months, music has meant more to me than ever. I have been moved by songs with deep lyrics that can help me cope with my emotions during these times of uncertainty, so if anything, I just imagine music will be more important than ever.”
After writing music for many years, this year Anna felt ready to share it with the world. In such challenging and confusing times, music has remained an outlet for many. Finding the time to create and write, quarantine has provided Anna with the quietness and solidarity of her childhood. Herself, spending time and listening to music, she has resonated with deep, powerful lyrics reminding her of what she loves and where she comes from.
Releasing her music at a difficult time for the world, Anna acknowledges the importance and positivity music brings. Sharing, listening and supporting - music has the potential to connect us all. Following the success of her debut singles, we are anticipating the release of her first EP titled ‘twenty one, twenty two’. The tracks will detail the story of her 20s, discussing both her ups and downs. Anna reveals to us that the music will be honest and relatable, representing her most vulnerable state, as well as her fun and expressive self. 
Exhibiting all the tell-tale signs of a rising star, Anna’s raw and emotive music resonates with many. Breaking into the industry with her announcement, ‘hello i am’, we are excited to see Anna’s career flourish. As she gears up for the release of her EP, we couldn’t help but discuss her future career goals and collaborations. With their melange of jazz-inspired melodies and feel-good lyrics, it is not surprising Anna recalled Chance the Rapper & Childish Gambino are her dream collabs. This is something we would love to see!!
“I just want to always be able to make music. Whatever that means for me, I’m down for. That was always my goal and it will always be - as long as I am able to have music in my life, I can get through anything.”
Showcasing her sound and songwriting prowess, somegirlnamedanna’s music will shortly be rotating round your Spotify playlists! Check out hercaliforniavideo now.
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