In conversation with the corset queen, Alice Pons
Italian designer and London College of Fashion alumni, Alice Pons, has acquired quite the repertoire of celebrity fans. From Jorja Smith to Little Mix, Lady Leshurr to Eliza Lovechild; Alice’s silk corsets have become a staple for fierce female performers.

Jorja Smith wearing the Matilda Corset during her American Tour

Following her graduation from the prestigious womenswear course at LCF Alice was quickly recognised in the industry for her passion and craftsmanship, representing her course and university at the World University Student Fashion Design Competition held in Qingdao, China. Despite receiving much recognition, alike many talented fashion graduates she was still unsure of her direction within the field of fashion.
“After I graduated I spent a few months looking for jobs in the fashion industry.”
Like many other graduates, following their degree show and ceremony, Alice was initially lost in the world of fashion. With the frustrating never-ending search for jobs, she was unsure of the direction she wished to proceed but knew she wanted to promote her graduate collection and explore the possible pathways. After witnessing several LCF course-mates showcasing their work through our Graduate Talent Programme, it seemed a fitting platform.
With Alice receiving several stylists requests due to her online showcasing under our platform, she decided to deposit her entire graduation collection in our London Showroom under our offline PR & Showroom Service. From then on, the rest is history and the press coverage flooded in. HUF, Schon, Atlas, Nylon, Noctis and many many more.
“I am incredibly thankful to Fashion Crossover London - it’s been amazing from day 1!!”
With her collection very much in demand amassing over 100 pulls, Alice discovered her passion and brand. The corsets. Bold, vibrant, and 100% pure silk, the corsets are high fashion yet wearable. In addition to becoming the stylists favourite, they then became the celebrity must-have. After representing a form of restriction and conformity in the 18th century, Alice has retained the elegance and extravagance with the added fashion touch. Her corsets are strong, bold and above all else empowering. Alice’s corsets have become a staple for fierce women everywhere; musicians, models, actresses or just the everyday woman.
“That high profile artists, who I look up to as leading creative voices, are also interested in my work I am almost speechless!”

left - 18th Century corset inspiration  right - Eliza Lovechild wearing the Adela Corset

The industry feedback gave Alice a new air of confidence within her brand and designs. PR was able to provide insightful comments on price point, sizing and building a business. Taking this on board, she explored her previous fascination with art history, and developed her graduate collection corsets into 10 new luxury colour-ways, highlighting a fusion of modern renaissance. The handmade silk corsets are now often sold out due to her high consumer demand, with Alice set to source external seamstress’ to keep up with her customer requests but retain her high quality handmade production. Due to travelling between London and Milan, Alice is surrounded by both Milan’s simplistic elegant style, in contrast to London’s immersive and expressive character. This combination of stylistic fashion has ensured Alice’s fresh approach is both chic and tailored as well as bold and modern.
“My favourite thing is to take something so ingrained in the past and pull it into the future through design. Corsets are perfect for this!”

Made in Chelsea star, Sophie Hermann, wearing the Sofia Corset

Through our Graduate Talent Programme, Alice has achieved huge success along with extensive industry feedback, which has in turn paved the way for her direction and brand development. She has acknowledged her strengths as a designer and discovered her market within the tough fashion industry. To follow up from the triumphant corsets, Alice is now focused on developing and creating her next collection which she has been personally invited to showcase at Milan Fashion Week.

Alice Pons' press coverage received within a year of graduation

Despite many thinking PR is only for established brands, it is a tool many young graduates should also utilise. Promoting a graduate collection not only builds brand awareness and media exposure, but also provides industry feedback vital for understanding the market and developing brand direction. With the fashion industry overwhelmed with the influx of luxury labels and high-street brands, it is extremely important for emerging designers to follow their passion and not give up. Alice’s rise from fresh graduate to in demand designer evident of that.
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