Trinbagonian, Kalpee is unveils an acoustic version of his brilliant Feel Good Playlist Vol. 1 with the Stripped Sessions EP. Delivering an array of diverse tracks, the EP embraces his Caribbean roots, effortlessly fusing reggae and calypso into an uplifting contemporary RnB/pop sound. Transforming the feel-good tracks into acoustic accents, Kalpee’s music will be stripped back and more powerful than ever.
Hailing from Trinidad and Tobago, surrounded by the soulful sounds and captivating calypsos, Kalpee’s music career began at just six years old. Inspired by the likes of musical legends; Bob Marley, Jimmi Hendrix and Chronixx, Kalpee took centre stage and became the front-man of a band that toured locally for over 10 years. In 2016, he decided to focus solely on his music career, continuing as a solo artist and dedicating himself to music. Currently based in the UK, Kalpee has acquired over 25 million streams and gained accolades from a number of publications such as; EARMILK, Official Charts, 1883 Magazine, CLASH, Complex UK, Hunger TV, Ladygunn, GRM Daily and Guap Magazine.
“Music is my everything, so it has to work, that’s what I tell myself. I don’t place any doubt in it, because when you give yourself a “plan B” you’re potentially setting yourself up for failure. I make it my priority to study my craft and work on my weak points, because this is my job, so I treat it like one. If music is the goal, then you need to be 150% focused on your craft and always open to learning, that way you become the best version of yourself, in your field.”
Setting out to create music that makes people feel good, regardless of their situation or circumstance, Kalpee’s latest EP does exactly that. The five track EP honours his Caribbean heritage, delving into calypso and soca, whilst fusing elements of reggae, pop and RnB to form a fresh and modern sound. As many have struggled throughout the unprecedented pandemic, music can bring a smile to all.
Debuting two incredible EP’s already in 2020, the multi-talented musician is showing no signs of slowing down. Kalpee offers a production elevated sonically by a formidable line-up of producers and writers. The team includes Grammy Award winning producers and writers, Carla Marie Williams, Yei Gonzales, Santiago Rodriguez and the Anmls, as well as featuring superstar and fellow Brit, Stefflon Don. Cultivating many of the power-packed tracks, their talents are exalted in the acoustic edition of Kalpee’s  Feel Good Playlist Vol. 1 EP.
“Music is medicine, I guarantee if you’re having a bad day and you play one of your Feel Good tunes it’ll switch your mood in an Instant.”
Collaborating with rapper and platinum selling artist Stefflon Don, Kalpee takes us back to the sublime summer sun (tropical paradise rather than the unpredictable UK weather!) with their track Gimme De Ting. As many of us need a well-deserved break from 2020, Kalpee and Stefflon Don inject a Trinbagonian vibe and allow us to feel worlds away from reality. Receiving many appraisals, the sun-soaked song has been rotating round the playlists of BBC 1Xtra’s DJ Target and DJ Ace, as well as Capital 1Xtra’s Ras Kwame.
“I call my sound ‘Chilled Calypso’ since calypso has been such a big part of my musical upbringing. To me the music feels like being on a beach during sunset time. So if that’s your vibe, definitely check it out.”
In addition, Kalpee also recently released a poignant video for the track, Put A Record On. Co-produced and written with fellow Trinidad producer Tano, the song pays homage to Bob Marley’s iconic hit, Three Little Birds. Despite the light hearted melodies, Kalpee reveals the touching tribute the track holds. Following some incredibly sad news of a close and dear friend attempting to commit suicide, the song was created during a low point in Kalpee’s life. As mental health remains much of a taboo and hidden illness, Kalpee released the song as an aid for encouraging others. Reassuring them there are brighter days ahead. The uplifting lyrics really are fitting in our current climate.
“When I create, I let my emotions lead the session and sometimes the worst day, can be the inspiration for the most beautiful song.”
With 2020 leaving much time for reflection and appreciation, Kalpee has his own renowned sense of purpose and a greater appreciation for life heightened following a life threatening car accident towards the end of 2019. Amidst the shooting of a music video in Paramin, Kalpee survived a near fatal accident resulting in ten broken ribs, among other serious injuries. It was shortly after this catastrophe that Kalpee struggled with ongoing battles of mental health lows. Inspired and motivated by his own personal triumphs and hurdles, Kalpee broadened his career path and began touring as a motivational speaker.
“No one has the right to tell you that you can’t do anything. Someone once taught me this saying and I teach it on at every opportunity, “I’m the captain of my ship and the master of my faith if I don’t believe it, no one will!“ It’s so important that you believe that you can literally be whoever you want to be in life, you just have to believe it.”
Spreading a message of love and acceptance, with the hope of introducing youth approaches generally classified as progressive, Kalpee completed a school tour in Trinidad in December 2019, shortly followed by a UK school tour in February 2020. Talking directly to the younger generation, Kalpee discusses the importance of equality, diversity and the acceptance of one another. After being exposed to the horrific inequality and conflict that has infected the world, Kalpee’s talks seem more important than ever. A musician at heart, Kalpee expresses the power of music not only bringing joy to us all but in uniting the people of the world. Despite Covid putting a halt to travel and gatherings, he hopes to continue his motivational speaking with another Caribbean school tour soon, with pandemic restrictions permitting.
A multi-talented musician and advocate for equality, Kalpee is motivating the masses. Preaching positive messages of love and acceptance, paired with a powerful catalogue of music, Kalpee is set to take on the world. Debuting not one but two EP’s already in 2020, his acoustic edition of his Feel Good Playlist Vol. 1 EP only adds to his remarkable repertoire of releases. Should you need a motivational mantra or just something to lift your spirits, have a listen to Kalpee.
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