The leather trousers love affair is going nowhere. From bikercore to aughts fashion, their sudden style resurgence is a direct indicator that we'll be seeing a lot more of them come autumn.

When looking at what to wear with leather trousers, of course, there are closet staples, such as a pair of blue jeans or a blazer, that every woman ought to have in her arsenal, but leather pants somehow feel both essential and exciting.

Despite their longstanding ties to those ready to break the rules, leather trousers are a crucial staple in even the most minimalist wardrobes. Thanks to the diversity of options on the market these days — whatever colour, rise, or leg silhouette fits your desire, it’s out there — embracing the soft, buttery feel of leather on your legs is easier than ever.

An autumn trend
As hard as it is to let summer go, fall fashion always has us eager to transition seasons. But there’s no need to panic. Our chic assortment of leather pants will get you in the autumnal mood quicker than you can say pumpkin spice latte.
Despite once being associated with the cold weather months, leather has become a year-round staple. From the feeds of social media to the closets of fashionable celebrities, leather pants are truly everywhere these days. But Instagram and TikTok aren't the only places where we've noticed a surge in faux-leather pants sightings. Many retailers are also tapping into the trend with iterations of their own, including brands Annette Gortz, Weekend Max Mara and DAY Birger et Mikkelsen, among many others.

How to style leather trousers
Toss the jeans aside. Famed for their style and versatility, we are here for the leather-centric season. From modern straight-leg cropped cut silhouettes to eternally versatile leather-look leggings, they pair perfectly with anything from an oversized blazer and stilettos to a cosy cardigan and trainers.
Take your look from day to night and style your leather trousers with a button-down shirt and ballerina flats for the perfect business casual look. Or be ready to combat the dreary wet weather with ankle boots and a chunky sweater. Or why not go hell for leather and wear the luxe texture from head to toe?

History of leather trousers
Love them or loathe them - leather pants are universal and likely the first type of trousers ever made. Leather trousers have been worn by the world’s greatest musical performers, leading style mavens and everyday folk.
Historically synonymous with rock legends and the punk scene, leather pants are a surefire way to add an instant edge to any outfit. Fast-forward to now - the rebellious closet icon is as relevant as ever – a testament to their transcendence and timeless design.

Types of leather trousers
It's all about figuring out what style works for you. Vegan or genuine? Designer or budget? Skinny or straight? Whether you want to invest in the real deal or buy faux, you're certainly spoilt for choice. And they're not just in black leather, either.
From faux-leather joggers and trousers to straight-leg and high-waisted options, these styles are not only incredibly versatile, but they'll also be the pants you reach for when you've exceeded your wear on jeans this season.

How to care for leather trousers
Whilst leather can withstand more wear and tear, ensure your leather trousers stay pristine over time with a few simple steps. Since you can’t throw them in the laundry like you would a pair of jeans, you’ll want to make sure you’re staying ahead of upkeep.
For any spills or stains, spot clean with water and let the pants air dry, keeping them away from direct heat. Apply a leather protectant and conditioner to keep the pants supple and soft. You can also take your trousers to the dry cleaner, though you’ll want to stick to those specialising in leather cleaning.
Leather cannot be ironed. If you like to pack away your winter wardrobe, consider hanging them to avoid wrinkles and creases. You can store leather pants in a protective bag, but during the summer, do not store them in plastic, where they could accumulate moisture.

Leather alternatives
Real or faux, leather is the skin to be in this autumn. As fashion steps towards a more sustainable approach, the must-have trend is available in various cruelty-free iterations.
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