Talking all things fashion, stardom and success with Greta Fernandez.
Rising Barcelona-based actress, Greta Fernandez, is an award-winning actress and amateur photographer, is carving her own career path after following in her Father’s silver screen stardom. With her striking looks, charisma and talent; Greta’s career is set to propel and excel in various creative paths. 

Greta Fernandez shot by Rocío Aguirre

As a rising actress with a famed Spanish actor father, did his acting career influence your decision to go into acting?
"I guess it did, yes. I mean, if my Dad wasn’t an actor I would never know If I would have been interested in acting. But to have it at home and seeing my Dad preparing the characters and reading scripts made me get interested in this world. I always loved cinema, since I was a little girl, but I also loved to write (my Mum is a writer) so I guess I was in love with both of their jobs."

You are currently signed with Mesala Films, did having both parents in the creative industry (Mother a writer and Father an actor) reassure you this was your ideal career path? Were you parents delighted you wished to follow in their footsteps?
"My parents always gave me a lot of freedom, they always gave me advice but they never told me what to do. My Dad always says that of course he’s happy that we share the same profession, but he would feel the same if I had decided on another job. I never felt like I had to prove them something."

Who do you look up to in the film industry? Has anyone in particular inspired you?
"I admire a lot of actors, actresses, directors… I don’t know if anyone inspired me. When I was really young I was obsessed with Tim Burton, then I fell in love with Almodovar, then Haneke, Sorrentino.. It would be a dream to work with them. I really admire Isabelle Huppert, Marion Cotillard, Juliette Binoche, Barbara Lennie, Natalie Poza.. I guess that I get inspired by good works."

You’ve been acting since a young age and starred in your breakthrough role, Embers in 2015. Did you always know you wanted to become an actress, and what would you be doing if you hadn’t? 
"I guess that in all the professions, there are moments for all. Now I find myself in a moment where I’m in love with my profession, but there are moments where you can feel a little bit more lost. it also depends on what projects you choose to be in. I have loved acting since i was around 16 years old, but I don’t remember if I always pictured myself doing this. I would love to be a chef. (hahaha)"

You are often credited for your ‘hypnotic gaze’ and fashionable looks. Do you feel your large social media following (132,000 on Instagram in fact!) has assisted your acting career?
"I hope they did! I share everything I do in my Instagram and also use it a lot to promote all of my films, so Is a good way to make my films arrive to people."

As a fashion lover, what is your favourite fashion brand and why?
"Right now I would say Jacquemus. I always loved fashion, but I never really knew a lot about designers or brands until this year. With all the festivals and the promotion of the film I got really involved in deciding what to wear with my stylist for each occasion, and I definitely felt in love with Jacquemus."

You are often seen in glamorous outfits, gracing the covers of magazines and red carpets. How would you describe your style?
"I think that sometimes your style describes your mood, and the moment you’re living. When you are promoting a film I think that it is important to know your role in the film and also what the film is about, to decide what to wear in each occasion. When I had smaller roles I think I chose more simple dresses or looks, but with this last film I let myself go, and I enjoyed it a lot. I love to play with clothes and with styles, and also I try to be different."

Your Instagram features many striking portraits and images. Do you have a favourite camera to shoot with?
"I do. I have my little friend, my Sony Alpha 7r. Most of the photos I post I make with that camera."

Greta Fernandez as Marcela in Netflix's Elisa & Marcela

Following the success of the Netflix backed film Elisa & Marcella, you portrayed a strong female who became the first and only same-sex couple to be married by Spain’s Catholic Church, all the way back in 1901. The character was praised by the LGBTQ community, how important is it to you to shine a light on these social issues?
"I love that with my work I can help to make some stories arrive to people. I think you don’t have to get obsessed with it as an actor, because cinema also has to  entertain people, but the fact that you get into a film that explains something that's important, as Elisa and Marcela does, it makes you feel like what you’re doing is for something. I couldn’t describe the feeling, but I guess it has something to do like you feel useful."

How do you prepare for a big role? Are there any characters you have particularly resonated with?
"It depends on the film and on the director. For my last role ( La hija de un ladrón) we rehearsed for at least 3 months, and that training was amazing. I loved that I had the opportunity to  play with the character before arriving on the set. I fell in love with the story and with the character. "

You have already achieved a lot in your career so far, being nominated for numerous prestigious awards and winning the coveted Best Actress Award at Cinema Writers Circle Awards, Spain as well as Best Actress Award at Días de Cine Awards. What has been the biggest highlight of your career so far?
"I guess winning the “Concha de plata” at San Sebastian Film Festival was the biggest highlight. It was a beautiful moment of my life that I’m gonna to remember for the rest of my life."

In addition to acting in movies and tv shows, you have also starred in plays. Do you prefer film/tv roles or acting in plays? And why is that? 
"I always answer the same thing when they ask me this, what I want is to tell good and interesting stories. Good scripts. That’s a gift for an actor.  I would love to do good movies, good series and good plays, all. please. hahaha"

After attending red carpets and film premieres, I’m sure you’ve met your fair share of A-list celebrities, but we’re curious, were you ever starstruck? 
"I was when I was little, like 12, maybe. But i never were really a starstruck."

As a young actress with most of your career ahead of you, what would you like to accomplish?
"I would love to work my whole life as an actress doing projects that I respect and believe in."

Lastly, what other plans do you have coming up, or projects can we expect to see you in the near future? 
"I have one project that has to come out this year I hope, with Alex de la Iglesa that is called “30 monedas”, for HBO. I can’t wait to see what is gonna be the result :) I hope that I have the opportunity to still play different roles in movies for the next near future and far future haha"
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